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Vegan Fisherman expands to Belgium and Luxembourg

 Delhaize adds two Vegan Fisherman products to its assortment.

Zwolle/ Urk, Juli 03, 2023 | Vegan Fisherman, the leading producer of vegan fish alternatives, is taking a new step in its mission to make plant-based options accessible worldwide by expanding to two more European countries. Following the successful launch in the Netherlands in 2021, the Vegan Fisherman Nugget and Vegan Fisherman Burger will be available in Delhaize supermarkets and the online store in neighbouring countries Belgium and Luxembourg starting from week 27 (July 3-10, 2023).

International expansion: “A small step for humanity, a giant leap for the fishy ones.”

The “fish-friendly” Vegan Fisherman Nugget and Vegan Fisherman Burger were recently warmly received during the Delhaize Discovery Days, an internal fair where Delhaize employees and franchisees personally get to know new products and innovations. Vegan Fisherman proudly presented them with the “fastest swimming” products that will be in their stores soon, so the staff could learn all about the fish substitutes to better advise their customers.

Transformed grain of rice

The Vegan Fisherman fish alternatives are created from a hypoallergenic GMO-free rice grain which got magically transformed into a vegan “fish” with nearly the same, high nutritional values as animal fish. Additionally, Vegan Fisherman products contain essential and valuable omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9 fatty acids, thanks to the addition of clean, safe, and sustainably cultivated algae. How this process works? That will forever remain the secret of the vegan fishermen and Kramer Fish, the traditional family business from Urk with whom the fish substitutes were developed. Together, they strive to make the world a little more fish-friendly.

The crowd’s favourites Nugget & Burger first to premiere. 

The Vegan Fisherman Nugget, the best-selling product of Vegan Fisherman, has been selected as the first ambassador to travel abroad. This versatile snack is a wonderful main character in salads or wraps or a delightful finger food snack, perfect to be enjoyed on the go.

The second fish-friendly “fish” crossing the border to steal the show is the Vegan Fisherman Burger. It can be served as the tastiest bit of a delicious, richly dressed vegan burger as a small dish or as a healthy, nutritionally balanced base for a complete meal.

Collaboration with Delhaize

 Vegan Fisherman is incredibly proud and excited to collaborate with Delhaize, one of Belgium’s largest retailers. Simon Visscher, founder of Vegan Fisherman, explains, “The partnership with Delhaize supports our mission to reach a broader audience and inspire more people to choose sustainable, healthy, and delicious alternatives to animal fish. With vegan fish on the supermarket shelves, that choice becomes easier and more appealing.” Vegan Fisherman expects the products to be as successful as in the Netherlands. “Consumers are increasingly and consciously opting for plant-based eating, each with their personal motivation. This conscious shift towards plant-based is becoming more mainstream every day,” says Simon.

Practical information: availability and prices

Consumers in Belgium and Luxembourg can find the Vegan Fisherman products from week 27 (July 3-10, 2023) at a wide selection of Delhaize stores (including Delhaize store formats AD, Proxy, and Shop & Go) and in the Delhaize online store.

  • Vegan Fisherman Nuggets: The package contains 250 grams of nuggets. Retail price: €3.99 per package.
  • Vegan Fisherman Burger: The package contains 2 pieces, each weighing 100 grams. Retail price: €3.19 per package.

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