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Our heritage and production

Against all odds but nevertheless true, our plant-based fish substitutes are designed and created in close connection with family business Kramer Fish; a traditional, Dutch fish processing company from Urk. Hygiene and quality are their shared first priority, and all production facilities have the most modern techniques and highest certificates. The plant-based fish substitutes are processed separately from and on other time slots than the animal products: there is no contact between the product types and there is no cross contamination possible because of strict hygiene enforcement.

“A fish(ing) company producing fish substitutes?!”

Practically, yes: the fish-friendly Vegan Fisherman products, indeed, have a connection with the fishing industry, but without the traditionally connected suffering and pollution. We believe that a vegan world is possible, but we don’t think it will happen overnight. A fish(ing) company bringing a vegan product to the market is a first step towards a possible full vegan assortment in the future.

Vegan Fisherman is 100% plant-based with the craft of the fisherman!

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