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”Vegan Fisherman’s fish is better than real fish!”

Are you serious?! Yes, we have no fear to make this bold claim. It took us over 3 years to create the ideal fish substitute, but it was worth it: the authentic, true taste, and structure of Vegan Fisherman’s fish replacements are identical to the experience of eating animal fish. Yet, without the toxic stuff or the suffering.

Moreover, all Vegan Fisherman products are free of chemicals – which is not at all the case when considering fish that comes from oceans, rivers, and fish farms. You get almost the same types and equal quantities of nutritional value, plus additional plant power because of the added shot of clean, poison-free algae. Not only tasty and guilt-free: it’s simply better for your body, too!

“How on earth did you do it?!”

A hypoallergenic grain of rice (NON-GMO) turned out to be the ideal candidate for the metamorphosis we dreamt of, and it became the core ingredient for our fish-friendly transformation. This magical plant-based source copies the character traits of cod like nothing else! The fish seasoning blend, tried by true fishermen and invented by creative chefs, gives the Vegan Fisherman fish substitutes its unmistakable fishy smell, colour, and taste.

Vegan Visboer all over the place! 

Mark our words today because from tomorrow and onwards you will find our Vegan Fisherman fishies in a growing number of restaurants and eateries around you. 

Choose wisely and lovingly, and make vegan shrimps, vegan fish sticks, vegan fish burgers, vegan fish nuggets, vegan fish fries, and vegan fish filet your fish of choice. Your body, the fish, and every other ‘thing’ living in our environment will benefit of it!

Help us to make the world a fish-friendlier place

Haven’t found the Vegan Fisherman fish substitutes on the menu of your local restaurant or bar? Please tell them the news, so you can soon eat guilt-free fish in your favorite hangout! 

Vice versa, you can also share the details of the eatery that needs Vegan Fisherman on the menu with us! We will then get in touch with them soon.

Our Products

We all want Vegan Fisherman fish substitutes, because they are….

  • Vegan

  • Vegetarian

  • Plant-based
  • Ocean-Free
  • Soy-free
  • Palm oil-free
  • Free of guilt and animal suffering
  • Almost equal in nutritional values of codfish
  • Including omega 3, 6, and 9 (the most important nutritional values of fish) coming from clean, non-toxic algae

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