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Why are the fish substitutes of Vegan Fisherman healthier than real, animal fish?
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By the pollution of our oceans, rivers, lakes, and other waters, the fish we eat ingest many toxic particles. What about fish from fish farms? They might be even worse off, as the basins are full of diseases, bacteria, and antibiotics to make the horrible and unnatural living situation survivable for the animals. As you might understand, any plastics, oils, chemicals, medicine, polluted parts, and other waste products that a fish ingests, also end up in front of you on your place. All of this, you are ‘missing’ when you eat Vegan Fisherman products.

Besides that, Vegan Fisherman products have been given clean, safe, and sustainably grown and sourced algae as a nutritional addition filled with healthy omega fatty acids (omega 3, 6, and 9). More about omegas? Read it here!

And we didn’t even get started about all the other dangerously harmful effects and downsides of the fishing industry that you are no longer supporting when eating Vegan Fisherman fish substitutes! Needing to brush up your knowledge about the dark side of the fishing industry? 

Why is the fishing industry so harmful for the planet?

Maybe you have heard about the documentary Seaspiracy? If you haven’t, we advise you to watch it if you want to know more about the disastrous results of fishing. The documentary A life on our planet is another important piece that shows the not-so-rose-colored future perspective that is ahead. In short, all comes down to the fact that, if we continue to fish as we do today, there won’t be any more animal nor human animal living possible anymore on our planet: it will be unlivable. We explain why.  


The by-catch of other, for the fishing market ‘worthless’ animals, such as sharks, dolphins, and turtles, is one of the worst issues this industry creates. These animals, with tremendously important, even vital functions to make life on our planet possible by cleaning the water and the air that we have polluted, get killed in the nets. After they die for no reason, they get tossed back into the ocean, where they, being corpses now, don’t have a purpose any longer either.


By catching certain types, sizes, and amounts of fish, we disrupt the food chain of other fish, plants, and more living water organisms gigantically. Think about it: when we take out large amounts of one type of fish, the fish and animals that depend on them as their food, don’t have enough food to survive. So, that specific fish or animal will decrease in numbers, influencing the survival of others depending on them as their food. The same counts in the opposite direction: when one group of fish or animals grows too big in comparison to certain others, this will create giant problems in other places in the food chain. In all ways, our human intervention has hugely problematic effects. 


Definitely of equal importance, is the devastation of the floor of the ocean. We scrape complete cities of plants, coral riffs, and other underwater life from the floor with fishing nets as high as apartment blocks and leave the ocean lifeless. A dead sea will be of huge risk for human existence, too. 

Want to see and get to know more about the effects of overfishing on our planet? Click below!

Do the fish substitutes of Vegan Fisherman contain ‘fish oils’, like omega 3, omega 6, and omega 9?
Tell me more about those algae!

No, fish oils won’t be found in our products, but Vegan Fisherman products contain a way healthier, cleaner, and safer source of omega fatty acids: algae oil! Let us explain. 

We need omega 3, omega 6, and omega 9 for our vital functions, such as our vision and functioning of our brains. Next to that, they are important for the over-all health of our heart, brain, bones, joints, and so much more. We are often told we can find these oils only in fish, and therefore we should eat a good amount of fish. But have you ever wondered why fish have so many of those important omegas in their system? Right! Because they eat the algae that contain loads of them. 

With the fish substitutes of Vegan Fisherman you skip the ‘agent’ (a.k.a. the fish) and you eat the omegas directly from the source: the algae themselves! 

What’s the deal with the algae that are inside the Vegan Fisherman products?

Those are some truly exceptional algae! We cultivate high-quality algae in a clean and protected environment. Our algae don’t get in touch with the toxic particles and pollution that natural algae carry with them. Also, we grow them ourselves, so we are not stealing any that are meant to feed our fishy friends!

Where can I learn more about the fishing industry and the effects of it?

Read further about this subject on the website of Greenpeace. 

What does NON-GMO actually mean?

A term that is used a lot in the world of food and health: GMO and NON-GMO. We, too, love to use it, especially the ‘NON’ version. But… what is the actual story? Well, GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism. In simple words it means we, humans, change the DNA of a plant or organism with the help of artificial methods, and change it into what we want it to be. Concerning our world-famous grain of rice, ‘NON’ is mentioned in capitals in front of ‘GMO’ to say that with our main character, this practice is not used by us. How did we transform the grain of rice to behave like fishies? That will remain the secret of the Vegan Fisherman, but we can prove it to be 100% NON-GMO!

Is a vegan, plant-based lifestyle and diet really that much better for our health?

As in any situation of change, there are and will be opponents to anything that starts to change: it’s our human nature to step up and fight when values and traditions “that have always been like such and such” are shifting collectively. Also, many people reach old age with relatively good health, living a strongly unhealthy diet. Simultaneously, a vegan diet is no guarantee for an illness-free life. But what we do know, is that it gets clearer by the day which relationships exist between meat, eggs, and dairy products to the most common diseases, such as cholesterol issues, heart problems, and even cancer. 

To make it a little less heavy and more fun to explore veganism: did you know that also sport achievements and even sexual functions perform better when fueled by a plant-based diet? All about this is to be seen in the documentary The Game Changers on Netflix.

Isn’t it a little odd that Vegan Fisherman fish substitutes are produced by a fishing company?

The fish-friendly Vegan Fisherman products indeed have a connection with the fishing industry, but then without all the connecting pain, pollution, and devastation of natural resources. We believe that a vegan world is possible, but also know that this will not happen overnight. A fishing company bringing a vegan product on the market is a first step that hopefully will lead to a full transition into a fully vegan assortment.

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